Dev C++

Found a really cool C++ IDE, I know I still use visual stdio express which is free and kind a do what I need to do but Dev C++ is good as you can run them from a USB drive. if your using portable app their is a ver you can download that works well, even if you dont use portable app, it\’s really easy to setup just installed in C drive and then copy the program folder to the usb drive and it works

Site that runs on real un-modified commodore 64 (

While I’m visiting lemon64 forums I come across this site, spoke to the guy who run this site he kind a showed me how he done that, I can’t wait to give it a go, just in case anyone who don’t know what commodore 64 is here is wiki.
Any way this what he said , I Need

a c64 with disk drive
Network card for c64
This software 
that’s about it

I have a c64 but don’t have the network card and the disk drive so I have to buy that  🙁