using windows 7

using it more than a week can\’t find any fault on it. feels lot faster than vista looks like MS finally did some thing to move people away from xp.  guess they are going to release soon, hope they give special discount to vista ultimate users we paid through the nose didn’t get any thing extra as they promised. I even got the retail ver. 

mp5 Players

what’s the deal I was come a cross them in ebay so went to youtube and did a search found ton of them all look different but works same way. It’s like did a one player and put it in different cases.

I come a cross lot of ipod clones as well. It’s look like ipod but dont work like one though, why can’t they copy the apple UI as well ?

O well I wont buy any of them as they are cheap might have doggy batteries. some online places will give you one year warranty but I don\’t think they last that long though.