what a mess, most of my clients are getting half of what they used to get with BE/O2 and constant drop out and pings are quite high as well now.

Most of them are just leaving to another ISP. it\’s a shame BE/O2 was a very good isp.

talktalk is not a very good isp but when they buy other small ISPs they keep the small isp as it is. which means the customer experience stay the same. shame talk talk didn\’t buy O2.

whole migration process was a nightmare specially if you are business and used the own equipment. they did send a mail out but most business lost access to the mail address etc. they should have send a postal mail not an email.

IPv6 in adaptation in UK

It\’s embarrassing now we not even on the top 25 countries to ipv6. Sweden on the top of the list we still trying to get the maximum out of ipv4. this is not good as ipv6 is good for every one. I have to fill in IP justification every time I need to get IPv4 addresses.
at home with tunneled ipv6 I can get /64 ip addreses that\’s 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses at home.

I cant wait for us to go native on ipv6 no need for NAT etc. it will be more secure as well. all the equipments are ready operating system are ready. because lack of demand isp\’s are don\’t want to do it.

Xbox promising faster speed on ipv6 will be a good sign of thing to come. even streaming services should move over will be good. Google is fully ready for ipv6 even facebook most of the Microsoft sites are but office 365 management on windows server doesn\’t work don\’t know MS fixed that yet.

hope we get rid ipv4 soon and move on a faster newer internet like Sweden

draytek 2860n and port based vlan

I know I wrote a good review of this product. I tried to do a simple port based vlan to share printers between 2 small companies.

it was a nightmare, didn\’t work at all on watchguard it would have been a 30 mins job.

with draytek support ask me to update firmware still no luck then they send me a beta firmware still the same issue.

only way I fixed it with beta firmware and factory reset the device and put all the setting backup on which worked. but took long time

I wouldn\’t recommend this if you thinking to do VLAN etc