HAM/Armature radio hobby

I\’ve always had an interest in it but now I have time to do something about it. signed up with a local club going to do my fundamental exam with them. hoping to get my full licenses in a few years. when I tell this to people, they always ask the same question why now we have internet why do we need this etc.

We now use the internet for everything even all the phones I think the even mobile phone will be soon moving to data only and we use voice over data option on that some already use. which makes cost-effective for everyone. but we need an alternative way of communicating that doesn\’t use internet. more people who have this is better.  it\’s just figuring things out how all works will be interesting.

I\’m thinking to get Kenwood TH-D74E Digital after I pass my exam. I know I can get cheap Chinese ones but this looks nice. and have a digital mode call D-Start which lets you access the internet through the reader.  I have a D-start reaper very close as well. If I\’m bord on analog I can spend time on digital doing different things. It has so many fectures and yes also plays FM radio  🙂

I will update my call sign etc ones I have them




azure app proxy certificate setup windows 10

If you like me and need SSL certificate to upload azure apps and don\’t want to use azure internal ssl services

1st you need to create the CSR  if you have ubuntu bash install on your Windows 10 installation

start the ubuntu bash >

cd /mnt/c/users/user.account/Documents

mkdir newdomain_com

cd new domain_com

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout newdomain_com.key -out inewdomain_com.csr

fill in the details for UK website please make sure you type GB

one you get your CSR go to any ssl cert provider and upload the csr.  ones they issue a cert copy the cert to the same folder

openssl pkcs12 -export -out newdomain_com.pfx -inkey newdomain_com.key -in newdomain_com.crt

make sure you type the password, on azure you need to upload the pfx file and the password and this will work