Google Pixel 3 XL user review

I got the google pixel 3 xl as a gift, what can I say all the reviews talks about notch is not an issue at all. It\’s just some reviewer created issues. It doesn\’t affect me but you can turn it off, If you don\’t like it. It doesn\’t bother me. UI is same as pixel xl so that wasn\’t a issue for me.

Phone is faster lot faster than I was expecting and speakers are really good and mic It can hear me from anywhere. as their signature feature camera is amazing. Low light night time any situation works well.

I don\’t install lots of application even the apps I install have only the permission they need for my use. try and close it when I don\’t need it. so I didn\’t come across any issue with memory management etrc.

Charging is so fast I can do that in the morning and enough for me to use it all day. I don\’t do wireless charge but if you don\’t buy the pixel stand it will only do 5 w charge that is slow. If you are thinking of the planet you shouldn\’t be wireless changing anyway. because lots of energy is wasted on converting. It\’s little but add up if everyone is started using it.

I bought the pixel fabric cover It\’s really nice hand feeling case but gives really no protection though, My weekend activity if I keep fabric case will end up a Fabric mud case 🙂 so bought a tech21 case which will be my weekend case that case is plastic so can easily washable. phone its self now have ip68 rating.

Security update this is the good thing about pixel phones. every month I get updates without any issues. even the old pixel still get updates never missed a month.

Another thing people don\’t talk about it is storage with google phone you get unlimited storage when you take photos and videos with the device even the high-resolution one. It\’s free for 3 years. one you can do is remove the pictures from the phone they all live in Google servers and I can still see them and download again as necessary. with Apple devices, you have to pay something like £9.99 per month to get these features.

Overall it\’s a good device. It doen\’t has all the bells and whistles of Samsung phones. to me, this phone works really well.

I think google is going after iPhone users with this device, It even copy all the data from iPhone users and all the cables and ear phones are on the box.

If you are normal user this phone is fine and will last you long time. because google will keep this phone updated for 3 years you will have the latest android all the time.