Life with out Internet

Hmm you know as no Internet at home. It’s not as bad it’s may seems

This what my life is after work me and my buddies get-together  and chat till 11pm. Then  go 2 my room shower and sleep.  As I sleep early I can’t sleep after 7am.  so get up do a running exercises till 8.30 then work @ 9.30 . hmm this what I been doing from Sunday. Gone join gym soon as well gone join early morning gym is cheaper as well. 1st need to loose some weight.
This Weekend gone do some visiting  :D. it\’s like u coming out of coke addiction hhehe

No more internet @ home

O god, what a weekend, I had a phone call from my house owner last Friday saying that I have to be move house by Today, because he had trouble with guy who bought the house. well original day for me to leave the house was April 24th.

any way I found a place to temporary stay ,till I get my proper house next week. It\’s been tuff, I couldn’t have done it with out some of my friends help no point of posting names . but u know who u are 🙂 and thanks

Week with my new toy

well , I normally buy some thing and regret later as waste of money. but this o2 xda is a gem. It\’s change the way I work. I\’m a very forgetfull person. with this I can put every thing on taskes and tick it as I done, not that big as well just the same size as any pda. and charges off the usb connection I can go on 😀

any way happy I bought it.� next thing I need to buy is the Apple radio remote might get it after my payday 🙂

video Ipod

Well got my self  one last week. It\’s cool do what\’s is says on the tin, but with video it\’s straggling specially with long Tamil movies, and battery dry soon with video. but to me  I only listen to podcast and music so it\’s good.