Got my self a O2 XDA EXEc

Really cool PDA can answer phone call got 3g wifi and word excel you name it. it\’s got them all. well Excited,  and bought another 256mb sd card as well so  I\’m sorted. if it\’s works out I can give  my laptop a rest,carry this instead.
Can\’t wait delivery is on tomorrow 😀 but on the pics it\’s look kind a big tho 🙁

here is the link

2 thoughts on “Got my self a O2 XDA EXEc”

  1. omg 😛 u and ur gadgets and ur SCIPOD 😛 sooooooo sad dinessshhh 😛 ur a big geek 🙂

    hehe hope ur good

    take care! smile 🙂


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