Addicted to podcasts

Tell you the truth i kind a hocked. Listening to all sort of pod casts. On the road I mainly listen to pod casts than the mp3s.  main ones I like  pod castes from leo Laporte.

he does a good job of making it Interesting.  and I like the as well,  my list can go on… I better stop  😀

8 thoughts on “Addicted to podcasts”

  1. Leo Laporte is quite deceptive, much more intelligent than he first seems. If you like his work you can download “Call For Help” episodes here – .

    You might also like . You’ll hear developers talking about upcoming MS technologies. 🙂

  2. Yea i do download C4h on torrents. I heard About channel 9. never get around watching it tho. I should watch it

    btw Thanks 4 the comment 🙂

  3. Depends really. On the plus side you will hear from the _actual_ programmers about all the new code/features MS developers are working on. Great if you want to be on the bleeding edge of things and/or are a programmer. The downside I suppose is just trying to find the time to watch all the webcasts/torrents that are available nowadays. Best thing might be just to browse the Channel 9 site and see if anything catches your eye. I spend time running Visual Studio, and hanging around CodeProject etc., so it suits me. 🙂

  4. yea just had a looked at the channel 9 site. It’s not really a mac friendly site. But still manage to watch some videos tho some interesting stuff their.

    So ur a software developer ?

  5. Not really, I don’t work in IT, it’s just a hobby for me. Sites like CodeProject make it easy for people of average knowledge (like me) to build most kinds of apps without wading through tonnes and tonnes of development documentation – just read an article where somebody else has solved the same or similar problem and take away what’s useful in your own instance.

  6. I think thats what all people do, even people who works on IT. May be the really nerdy ones will do every thing them selfs

    so u have site or blog I can put a link 2 ur site on mine 🙂

  7. No, no “official” blog/site at the moment though things may change in the future. I’m playing with WordPress on a host and will see what happens.

    P.S. Are you actually “KDS” at ISPReview (where I got the link for this blog) or does he just link to you ? I’m Bob2002 … I don’t use the handle anywhere but ISPReview for simple reasons of privacy …


  8. yea WordPress is really cool, I tried many blog software all just spammed by this annoying comment spammers. With this one so far I had only one.

    And yes it is me kds from ISPr. Broadband kind a killed that site but I do visit time to time.

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