Final Opera 9 is out

Using it from last night.  I\’m use to firefox for browsing but opera\’s build in bittorrent client  is superb . takes very less memory than any other bittorrent client I used. Azureus not really great on mac as with any java apps. I always had trouble using Azureus with wireless access, now all ok thanks to opera 9

Download it it’s free

6 thoughts on “Final Opera 9 is out”

  1. yeah Firefox and Opera are way better than IE…IE sucks…im pissed when i work with HTML and try to satisfy IE….theres so many bugs that have to be fixed… multi million company! cant get a PNG image workin right on it ! LOL hope they IE 7 beta is gud

  2. I have IE7 beta 2 it’s keep crashing on my test computer I can’t complain as it’s beta and all. I can’t move away from firefox gone so attached to it.

    I’m thinking to use opera as my torrent client

  3. Shame my favourite BitTorrent client, µTorrent, is not yet available for OS X. A port will happen one day apparently – they just don’t know when. Maybe the Windows version will run under WINE for Macs at least ?

  4. Yea I can’t wait 4 them to port µTorrent 2 Mac os x as well. Java apps are crap on os 10 consume all the memory.

    Can you run wine on mac os 10 ? I should try that ?

  5. I think you can run µTorrent under WINE on Linux x86, not sure what the state is of WINE and x86 OS X (Darwine). I’m seeing positive comments about the torrent client Transmission – though I’ve never used it myself …

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