I\’m in to skype big time now 😀  bought Plantronics-DSP400 gem of a headphone. I tried recording my voice ,It\’s doing a superb job. and working great with skype.

speaking on skype only thing I hate about it is to have a computer switched on and signed in. that\’s kind a sold with  this belkin wifi phone . all it need is a wifi connection. now with skypein no I can take my land line no to anywhere . I mean I got wifi where ever I go so all good

Electric shavers

Well I went shopping today,  so seen a  Remington R3 electric shaver ,  looked really cool so bought it as I got a special day tomorrow. but what do u know soon as I open it\’s got a  European socket 🙁 so can\’t charge it. I have to buy another adaptor tomorrow. why didn\’t they say that on the box, this y I hate high street shopping

windows powershell

Had a play with it, actually it\’s really cool, kind a like unix bash but windows style as in very easy. apparently windows vista don\’t come with it, but they have ver for it , you can download and install.

I played with the xp ver of that I tried few things and you can easly work on it, and help is their too. and the man command works as well. if ur use to bash it\’s just lost easy  here is the link