My experience with Vauxhall Motors company, Vauxhall dealer call Now Vauxhall and the car Antara

So where do I start in 2012 I was slightly young and a bit of an idiot.  Saw the advert 0% interest on all Vauxhall with 5 year free services (apparently that is only 4  free services Vauxhall maths )  100k  warranty etc.  It sounded a good deal so went to the dealer now Vauxhall Richmond and bought the biggest car they sell and add the Sat nav option for £1000 as well.  I got the car 1st-day car is terrible in the sense air bag cover at the A pillars not covered properly windscreen alarm was hanging around not stuck properly.  Sat Nav was an aftermarket part installed by the dealer that is fine If I been told that, no they let me believe it was a factory fitted kit.  it was so bad I couldn\’t change the time on the car. The dealer has poorly installed it.  none of the radio didn\’t work.  I have to take the car back the next week to the dealer to get this issues fixed. even then It wasn\’t resolved correctly. I just gave up and live with it. every time I take it there. they will keep the car for a day and don\’t do much and gave it back. I think the system they install is not very good o dealers don\’t know how to install correctly.

fast forward 6000 miles every week I check oil etc but don\’t check inner tires but for some reason, I did check on that day and found out it was almost worn out completely outer tires were fine.  clearly, the issue with the car took it to now Vauxhall dealer they were like it was a wheel balancing issue even though I didn\’t install both front tires. It was done by Vauxhall. Dealer wanted to charge me as it was Wear and tear. but my argument was it wasn\’t it was poorly installed tire by Vauxhall.  they were like I might have hit the herb that would have made it this way. high;y unlikely both side of the tire was worn in the same way. so I spoke to Vauxhall the company manufacture this car. all they did was spoke to the dear and the said the same thing.  I just paid it and gave up on it

fast forwarded few thousand miles with few minor issues like driver seat started shake etc then handbrake stop working on a hill it will roll back, hand brake light will come on but the car will go back took it to the dealer. They charged £160 to fix the issue as apparently, that was a  wear and tear as well. I knew this was a scam but allowed it. how I come to know is the same issue gave it to another dealer but put the car to MOT didn\’t say anything about this issue. Guess what they fixed it without a fee. exact same issue.  every time I services. nail on the tire scam happened as well. there is no way nail would have been on the tire. as I check air pressure even before I dropped it off, I ended up buying a spare wheel to stop this scam. only the nail get into the expensive tires on the car. Obviously, I can\’t prove as I didn\’t film the tires.

seafty recall apparently issues with some pipe gave the car fixed and they didn\’t record that so they called again for the same issue. another issue with engine cover they took that off and left the car without engine cover for entire winter will all the salt etc it\’s days are numbered

at this point I gave up on the car, company, and dealer and got rid of the car now went with a  good quality car. I would say no to  GM  and any Vauxhall cars.  If you are thinking to buy a Vauxhall,  think twice. you are better off buying a slightly older Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Mazda etc for the same money you get a better car. Vauxhall and GM cars are cheaper for a reason. People like me parking it in some dealers forecourts and running away. It\’s truly a terrible cars. Safety is not Vauxhall priority see how they dealt with ZAFIRA B Fire issue.  I can\’t image anything changed now.  If someone gave me a free Vauxhall car I will not take it.  I know Vauxhall now owned by Peugeot but can\’t think any thing going to change it. they will be still managed by same people and same dealer network.




watch out for Barclays and few other banks overdraft charges

This is new scam the banks are caught on to instead of charging I don\’t know 20% APR or some thing similar. They started to do a daily charge of 0.75p a day if you go more than £15 on to agreed overdraft. what that means it will be the sameif just £25 overdrawn or £1499. this will encourage customer to go more in to overdraft and be slave to the bank.

Barclay and few other banks started to use crack dealer tactic.I\’m sure most that makes this kind decisions are on crack any way.

My advice is to move away from this banks their a lot of ethical banks out there check the link

NatWest rbs get caught giving doggy mortgage advice no surprise they have similar overdraft charges to Barclay\’s

I wouldn\’t trust any advice from Barclay\’s as well do your research look up which or some other trustable websites

Kwik Fit West Ealing are scammers watch-out don\’t trust them. Check it with another garage

I had a puncture like many people I took to Kwik Fit West Ealing as they are close to me. 1st time they said they cant repair the tire as it had a side puncture but it wasn\’t but I was in a hurry so tell them to replace so costed me £220.

Next time I took the car few weeks later for another puncture they said the same thing but I can see where the nail is, so I said no it\’s not a side wall damage. then the guy changed the story saying they don\’t have the puncture patch. which is why he said got ideas to change the whole tire at another £220. He didn\’t offer come back later or we will get the puncture patch is few days etc. If you don\’t want to pay for the new tire he is not interested.

They did ask if my car is company car etc before even they seen the car.

I was chatting another guy who was their had his car on mobility scheme. he said they do change tire unnecessarily but he don\’t care now as his mobility scheme pays for it etc. I dont know how the scheme works but if they are scamming disable people\’s money that\’s way too low for this company.

I googled I think they were in trouble before even watchdog was on their case. shame I didn\’t seen that before. otherwise I would have avoided them. In my experience nothing changed. they still scamming people.

any way I took my car to the tire place next to it and repaired their for like £30+ VAT he said it\’s nothing wrong with the tire.

George Osborne and his speech for new year.

you can read that here I understand what he is saying and all true. but he is saying helping small businesses by reducing the tax but He is still allowing large companies to use legal tax avoidance schemes and pay very less or no corporate tax. Which means they have unfair advantage. I get it they employ more people etc. but if they pay their correct TAX their fee will go up and another small company can get more business and employ more people. I know it\’s not simple as that but unless we try it we wouldn\’t know.

I can easily register my self on another TAX free country and avoid tax and in years time I will have money saved up to hire even high caliber \”tax advisers\” in the city

Basic truth is George Osborne doesn\’t want to upset large companies as they might even donate to his party, it\’s easy to pick on the poor and disabled people.

papers like dailymail and express always write same degrading news about people on benefit. Cameron seems to be in bed with daily mail and express.

BT,Sky and TalkTalk network level porn filter

Well UK\’s 3 largest ISPs decided to go with David Cameron and Claire Perry\’s advice on blocking porn on the internet by default. Excuse they gave was to parents with young children don\’t know how to set this up so we get the ISPs to do it for every one. I\’m sure China would have used similar wording to censer the internet on their citizens too.

David Cameron and Claire Perry is not the smartest bunch when you come to technology. I can add daily mail editors to that list too. they assume most parents are dumb as them.

Trouble is this kind a filters don\’t work. any one can easily get around it. Kids now days with internet forums twitter etc easily get help. already many good news website published how to do this.

At home I use opendns to block most of the site I think not suitable for my home. I set it up a way only allow opendns ips to access the port 53. so any one try to trick the system by changing DNS server on the local computer will not work. This is not a best way but works. This is not that difficult to set it up though just use a search engine to search for your router model and opendns server to block porn.

Out of all papers Sun which has page 3 and dailymail which regularly publish some trashy news/pictures campaigned for it.they must have thought reading their trashy papers will make child a better citizens ?

BT infinity/fibre /FTTC broadband 1 year on review

I\’m on BT infinity for bit more than a year now. 18 months contract so I have a few months to go. the BT cabinet is just out side my house, so I get full speed. On average I get around 20mbit/s upload and 68mbit/sec download. It\’s not bad for normal website you tube etc

only complaint I have aprt from their crappy home hub (see the review below) is their routing with big tv services like BBC iplayer and Sky player. it\’s rubbish it\’s buffer like crazy. I know it\’s an BT issue as If I vpn to another ISP it\’s works fine and When i was with BE/O2 even though the speed is slower never had a buffering on this services.

I knew BT isn\’t great on routing even before I joined but at the time only BT did the BT infinity in my area.

BT should fire their network operations team and hire a good ones like other ISP. BE/O2 had a good team.

obviously I\’ll be canceling BT and moving to a better ISP might be sky not sure yet. all though BT adverts claiming they don\’t limit the usages are bullshit as it wont work correctly in the 1st place.

I don\’t use p2p so BT blocking that is not an issue for me but They should work on fixing iplayer and sky player.

You can only expect this kind of network issues on a 3rd world county isps not from UK\’s largest ISP

BT Home Hub 3 review

What a peace of  ****, I know ISP given free routers are generally poor quality  but this one takes a cake,

1) Wireless
 If you are connection any thing more than 5 equipement router struggles to cope you might think 5 is a lot of equipments,  but with smart phone , tablets  etc 2 people house hold will have 5+ items. Good thing ASA upheld the complaint about their Misleading Most Reliable Wireless Connection Claim  

Another thing Home Hub 3 will automatically enables BTFON their is no way to turn this off on the router.  It\’s secure but still BT should have given me the choice not enable it by default.


only 100mb ports connection is ok but not much their to write about


Router has DHCP server but you can\’t change the DNS on that I think it\’s to do with BTFON. If you use opendns, google dns or your own DNS then you have to manually change the dns server.

4) router interface 

Full of BT adverts their net protect plus and some other **** product I dont care about. Advanced setting dont have any thing advanced

5) No root acceess 

BT give you a user call admin on that box but can\’t have a root access (some one need to crack this box I can donate this box for free to any one in few days

I have ordered Linksys  E4200 Dual-Band N Router









What a drama to buy iphone 3gs 16gb on payG

1st we went to carphonewarehosue , the guy there gave a big lecture about he can only sell 1 phone per/person etc.  Made us to wait 30 mins and took all my details and said o we can’t sell iphone 3GS 16gb on pay as you and ask us to go to an o2 store. Because of this  guy delayed us O2 shop was closed.

Finally bought it on apple store. Even apple store messed it all up,  as their top up thing didn’t work but they were nice about it let us have the phone I might do a un-boxing video 😉 .

I would never go to carphonewarehosue again.

Smart phones

God where do I start,  at one point we didn’t have much choice just windows mobile and blackberry. Very expensive and have to pay ton of money to use them etc ,even then they were lot of phones but still very few Os that run on the phones,

Now lots of different smart phone OSes. all got their plus and minuses sadly we can’t format and install what ever we like. All locked to the hardware.

I like  android phones looks nice and well integrate with Google services. I think palm pre is just a gimmick. I don\’t like the hand control things will work for me and such a girly phone, not sure they will have it here in UK. but even i they do I wont get it.

I’m not well excited about the new iphone as well. Looks nice again very expensive if u have to go 4 that 32gb one,.