What a drama to buy iphone 3gs 16gb on payG

1st we went to carphonewarehosue , the guy there gave a big lecture about he can only sell 1 phone per/person etc.  Made us to wait 30 mins and took all my details and said o we can’t sell iphone 3GS 16gb on pay as you and ask us to go to an o2 store. Because of this  guy delayed us O2 shop was closed.

Finally bought it on apple store. Even apple store messed it all up,  as their top up thing didn’t work but they were nice about it let us have the phone I might do a un-boxing video 😉 .

I would never go to carphonewarehosue again.

Smart phones

God where do I start,  at one point we didn’t have much choice just windows mobile and blackberry. Very expensive and have to pay ton of money to use them etc ,even then they were lot of phones but still very few Os that run on the phones,

Now lots of different smart phone OSes. all got their plus and minuses sadly we can’t format and install what ever we like. All locked to the hardware.

I like  android phones looks nice and well integrate with Google services. I think palm pre is just a gimmick. I don\’t like the hand control things will work for me and such a girly phone, not sure they will have it here in UK. but even i they do I wont get it.

I’m not well excited about the new iphone as well. Looks nice again very expensive if u have to go 4 that 32gb one,.

Iphone 3g

Ordered my iphone. Saying good buy to my blackberry  8800 on the 11th of July. Hope I won’t have any regrets.  I only had 2 issues with my blackberry even then that’s to do with O2 network noting to do with the phone.  Batter life been great as well. Will see how iphone will perform