3 Skypephone S2 payG is only £39.99

\"3Skypephone_S2_210x225\" Just had a look at three’s site they selling their Skype S2 phone for £39.99, I think it’s a great value as we can use as a skype  with out toping up. It’s not bad looking and have HSDPA connection etc.. I been told it’s better than the 3’s INQ1 phones .

I might buy it not  sure

Smart phones

God where do I start,  at one point we didn’t have much choice just windows mobile and blackberry. Very expensive and have to pay ton of money to use them etc ,even then they were lot of phones but still very few Os that run on the phones,

Now lots of different smart phone OSes. all got their plus and minuses sadly we can’t format and install what ever we like. All locked to the hardware.

I like  android phones looks nice and well integrate with Google services. I think palm pre is just a gimmick. I don\’t like the hand control things will work for me and such a girly phone, not sure they will have it here in UK. but even i they do I wont get it.

I’m not well excited about the new iphone as well. Looks nice again very expensive if u have to go 4 that 32gb one,.

Nokia 1200 and asda mobile

\"nokia1200\" I got my self a Nokia 1200  as my 2nd pay as you go phone.very small  unlocked to any network, 7 hour talk time simple to use just pick dial. Cheap only paid £9 come with few good games and it have a LED flash light. It’s have a D pad all the features can be access in one click.

I like this little phone only going to use it when I reach my allowance on my O2 blackberry, they charge lot of money (40p/min) if  I pass my voice limit .I got  my self a ASDA mobile sim just 8p for voice call and 4 p for text message no monthly charges. It’s works out perfect for me as if I don\’t go over the limit I can use the credit for next month as long as I keep calling/texting some one every three months lines should be ok. 

I guess simple pay as you is the way to go now days. as yearly contracts are very confusing and long some of them are 24months contracts. phones are like £400 on payG but on contract it could be free but end up paying more than £1000s for it. I guess if u use it a lot then worth it.

blackberry 8900

I ended up having blackberry 8900 (with all Google apps.) works fine love it.  To get HTC magic I have to go with Vodafone  so I phoned up O2 to get a PUC code. They gave me a deal I can’t refuse. They even gave me a free USB payg mobile broadband dongle.  O well why pay more just to have a google phone. I installed all the google apps and it does look like gphone now 😀

HTC Magic

Thinking to buy HTC magic, looks really nice and most of my services are with Google any way so it make sense. I have to wait few weeks just get proper reviews etc.  I have seen some video reviews looks pretty impressive.

I have Ipod touch and no need another phone with the same os. this look pretty interesting




blackberry usb charging via usb cable without the blackberry software

I hate blackberry desktop software very buggy I don\’t need it. but to charge the blackberry It will say I need to install that crappy software. I found a work around

here is the link http://www.jan-jansen.be/index.php/2008/05/25/blackberry-usb-driver-charging-via-usb

A short description how to obtain and install this USB driver:

* Browse to Microsoft Update Catalogus
* Search for: Research In Motion BlackBerry Device
* Click on Add
* Click on Go to Download Basket
* Select the download location with Browse… and click on Download Now
* Unpack the downloaded driver to a location on your harddisk
* Connect the Blackberry device via the USB to your desktop PC or laptop
* Install the downloaded driver, follow the instructions on your screen

Afterwards, you will recognize the \’charge\’ icon on your Blackberry

Iphone 3g

Ordered my iphone. Saying good buy to my blackberry  8800 on the 11th of July. Hope I won’t have any regrets.  I only had 2 issues with my blackberry even then that’s to do with O2 network noting to do with the phone.  Batter life been great as well. Will see how iphone will perform