What a drama to buy iphone 3gs 16gb on payG

1st we went to carphonewarehosue , the guy there gave a big lecture about he can only sell 1 phone per/person etc.  Made us to wait 30 mins and took all my details and said o we can’t sell iphone 3GS 16gb on pay as you and ask us to go to an o2 store. Because of this  guy delayed us O2 shop was closed.

Finally bought it on apple store. Even apple store messed it all up,  as their top up thing didn’t work but they were nice about it let us have the phone I might do a un-boxing video 😉 .

I would never go to carphonewarehosue again.

Don’t use O2 mobile software. just use USB modem with dialup networking

What a crapy O2 software  which will spoil  all your wifi  connections home page and proxy setting etc. I like to keep things simple

so here is the setting after connecting the sim card to the modem just plug it in let windows install it as  a modem

go to network connections click create new connections give a name eg O2 PayG  select the correct usb modem O2’s case HUAWEI mobile connect 3G modem

on the number column type :-  *99#
user name put O2web
password just password

click finish,  make sure don\’t make it a default connection (unless you want that to be)

then open your browser  type https://mobilebroadbandaccess.o2.co.uk/index/products enter the phone no of the sim (which will be on the sticker of the sim card)  buy the credit and enjoy.

This setting will work with linux macs and any ver of windows (if their is driver support)

blackberry 8900

I ended up having blackberry 8900 (with all Google apps.) works fine love it.  To get HTC magic I have to go with Vodafone  so I phoned up O2 to get a PUC code. They gave me a deal I can’t refuse. They even gave me a free USB payg mobile broadband dongle.  O well why pay more just to have a google phone. I installed all the google apps and it does look like gphone now 😀

Iphone 3g

Ordered my iphone. Saying good buy to my blackberry  8800 on the 11th of July. Hope I won’t have any regrets.  I only had 2 issues with my blackberry even then that’s to do with O2 network noting to do with the phone.  Batter life been great as well. Will see how iphone will perform