Nokia 1200 and asda mobile

\"nokia1200\" I got my self a Nokia 1200  as my 2nd pay as you go phone.very small  unlocked to any network, 7 hour talk time simple to use just pick dial. Cheap only paid £9 come with few good games and it have a LED flash light. It’s have a D pad all the features can be access in one click.

I like this little phone only going to use it when I reach my allowance on my O2 blackberry, they charge lot of money (40p/min) if  I pass my voice limit .I got  my self a ASDA mobile sim just 8p for voice call and 4 p for text message no monthly charges. It’s works out perfect for me as if I don\’t go over the limit I can use the credit for next month as long as I keep calling/texting some one every three months lines should be ok. 

I guess simple pay as you is the way to go now days. as yearly contracts are very confusing and long some of them are 24months contracts. phones are like £400 on payG but on contract it could be free but end up paying more than £1000s for it. I guess if u use it a lot then worth it.