HTC Magic

Thinking to buy HTC magic, looks really nice and most of my services are with Google any way so it make sense. I have to wait few weeks just get proper reviews etc.  I have seen some video reviews looks pretty impressive.

I have Ipod touch and no need another phone with the same os. this look pretty interesting




4 thoughts on “HTC Magic”

  1. Looks interesting. Haven’t seen the barcode reader before … good Internet connectivity adds a whole new dimension to mobile phones.

    1. yea original G1 was bit slow and battery was shit. hope this one is better. I’m with O2 now calling Voda to see how this go

    1. I got a blackberry 8900 at the end yea I like my touch as well, I need a good phone with a good battery life. O2 gave me a deal I can’t refuse

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