Don\’t buy Belkin Linkstation pro drives

God the worse network drive ever,  every one I know having trouble with it. I bought 2 and 1 dead.   My work place  bought 8 drives 2 of them are dead now. kind a shows how good they are 🙁

their older ver of linkststions are great. I still have the 250 gig ones it\’s this new ones that having trouble , (which have drive to drive backup and AD integration etc,)  may be they try to do more than what it can do.

BT, Virgin Media, and Carphone Warehouse users change your isp now

All 3 isps  gone sell your browsing information to a spyware company call Phorm where they will put targeted ads on their participating web sites.

Here is register link that\’s explaining this bit more. I\’m with  Virgin Media and moving away soon as I can.  If you with any of this isps please move and tell them why your doing that too, Even Sir Tim Berners-Lee didn\’t like the idea

More info about this

what a rip off

Ok so I was reading few blackberry reviews and come a cross blackberry 8800 have GPS so phoned up to find out about getting one. what to you know phone is like £69.99 with £35/month contract that\’s fine but you have to pay £40/year for the GPS and £1 for every MB map I download. what a rip off.

I\’m staying with 8300 atleast it\’s got a nice screen and very light.

No family discount for vista ultimate :(

Well I bought the retail version Vista ultimate thinking I can get home premium for $50 (up to 2 pcs), apparently  that\’s only for US and Canada for UKers, we still need to pay £139 to get the same software they get for £25, I\’m gone get some one in Canada to get  it ordered. Stupid M$ then they cry as people pirate their software etc

Mayakannadi (tamil movie)

\"navya_nair.jpg\"Just came from the cinema, I never seen a boring film like this in my life and It\’s very long as well, It\’s about a guy try to make it big in life, god I don\’t even want to write a review about it :@. I can\’t complain as I didn\’t pay for this movie, I not a big fan of Cheran\’s movies, but noting else to watch I think Rajani\’s kamals movies only coming out next week here.

windows update

what\’s up with last Tuesday update, It broke of things on my computer. I have re installed Itunes cc cleaner and few other apps. may be Microsoft gone try and do this so people will move to vista. 😉 I think I\’m gone move to vista ordered the oem ver but not gone update it now. will give more time for my xp box to die down


They are so expensive even older analogue models in ebay going for £100s of pounds. I\’m not a big fan of USB oscilloscopes. I haven\’t seen a good review about them even they are not cheap.

I need one for my home project but dont want a spend that much




Never get advice from journey planner if ur travelling out side London

Well I went to a address in Horsham so i put the postcode in 2 the journey planner. It gave me a plan how to get their. I flowed every word on the print out,  guess what I ended up in a station which is the right one,  but I end up have to walk a mile through muddy road :(  no taxi or a bus if I used my brain and asked some one I would have known that :).

O well lesson learned,  if ur traveling out side london dont use  journey planner