No family discount for vista ultimate :(

Well I bought the retail version Vista ultimate thinking I can get home premium for $50 (up to 2 pcs), apparently  that\’s only for US and Canada for UKers, we still need to pay £139 to get the same software they get for £25, I\’m gone get some one in Canada to get  it ordered. Stupid M$ then they cry as people pirate their software etc

2 thoughts on “No family discount for vista ultimate :(”

  1. MS Sux bad….five different vista packs for very expensive tagz…..compared to Mac they offering OS X 10 for one price which is $129…….now i feel like i should hav bought a apple PC instead of Vista 🙁

  2. Yea then apple makes money on their hardware which is bit expencive just for look and release OS every year, $129/ year will addup

    all this companies here to rip us all off

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