ebay.co.uk is expencive for new things

Most sellers are ripping people off,  all the new so call bargain stuff they sell in ebay can be bought else where for £10 to £15 cheaper. then this postage scam where you have to pay £25 to get a CD. I dont think It\’s worth the risk for 2nd hand stuff ebay is the place 😀

2 thoughts on “ebay.co.uk is expencive for new things”

  1. You’re right that many sellers don’t offer competitive prices. It’s always worth researching with price comparison engines first. But eventually, if you’re patient, and search hard enough, eBay can offer some good deals. 🙂

  2. yea, that’s the thing, need to spend time, I’m trying to buy a GeForce 6200 for my old pc so I can put my current vista business and sell it. as It’s a OEM I can’t sell it alone as it wont get activated.If I done this I can phone M$ and get it activated.

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