BT infinity/fibre /FTTC broadband 1 year on review

I\’m on BT infinity for bit more than a year now. 18 months contract so I have a few months to go. the BT cabinet is just out side my house, so I get full speed. On average I get around 20mbit/s upload and 68mbit/sec download. It\’s not bad for normal website you tube etc

only complaint I have aprt from their crappy home hub (see the review below) is their routing with big tv services like BBC iplayer and Sky player. it\’s rubbish it\’s buffer like crazy. I know it\’s an BT issue as If I vpn to another ISP it\’s works fine and When i was with BE/O2 even though the speed is slower never had a buffering on this services.

I knew BT isn\’t great on routing even before I joined but at the time only BT did the BT infinity in my area.

BT should fire their network operations team and hire a good ones like other ISP. BE/O2 had a good team.

obviously I\’ll be canceling BT and moving to a better ISP might be sky not sure yet. all though BT adverts claiming they don\’t limit the usages are bullshit as it wont work correctly in the 1st place.

I don\’t use p2p so BT blocking that is not an issue for me but They should work on fixing iplayer and sky player.

You can only expect this kind of network issues on a 3rd world county isps not from UK\’s largest ISP