BT Home Hub 3 review

What a peace of  ****, I know ISP given free routers are generally poor quality  but this one takes a cake,

1) Wireless
 If you are connection any thing more than 5 equipement router struggles to cope you might think 5 is a lot of equipments,  but with smart phone , tablets  etc 2 people house hold will have 5+ items. Good thing ASA upheld the complaint about their Misleading Most Reliable Wireless Connection Claim  

Another thing Home Hub 3 will automatically enables BTFON their is no way to turn this off on the router.  It\’s secure but still BT should have given me the choice not enable it by default.


only 100mb ports connection is ok but not much their to write about


Router has DHCP server but you can\’t change the DNS on that I think it\’s to do with BTFON. If you use opendns, google dns or your own DNS then you have to manually change the dns server.

4) router interface 

Full of BT adverts their net protect plus and some other **** product I dont care about. Advanced setting dont have any thing advanced

5) No root acceess 

BT give you a user call admin on that box but can\’t have a root access (some one need to crack this box I can donate this box for free to any one in few days

I have ordered Linksys  E4200 Dual-Band N Router









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