got my invitation to Joost

Well got my user name to the Joost, It’s not all that my connection speed is only 4mb cable so buffering a lot. Noting exciting to watch in their. Not cancelling  my sky subscriptions any time though 

6 thoughts on “got my invitation to Joost”

  1. You have joost ? if not I will give soon as I get a invitation on their, It’s still says 0 on mine. 🙁

    I only tried it few times and I don’t know didn’t live up to the hype. 🙁

    I give ur program a try see how it goes 🙂

  2. I signed up to Joost a few days ago but haven’t heard anything. Someone posted in one of the ADSLGuide forums that he thought it was pretty good quality wise.

    With TVU some of the channels work well, others not so well. Try CBS/FOX/Sci-Fi and the live Premiership streams at the weekend.


  3. yea internet TV standard it’s good but mine was buffering a lot though. may be my cable company blocking it, if I don’t get any invitation this week I pass my account 2 u, give it a try and when you get ur own invite u can pass it back to me.

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