new vista pc and Itunes

Finally I build my new computer , Intel E6600 with ASUS  P5B mother board, Its came with the raid controller I was ok as I don\’t store data on my computer so might as well go for RAID 0. Every thing went well till I try to download podcast on Itunes computer restarted automatically and my RAID controller started reporting as  \”Error Ocurred (0)\” on both drives. I know raid 0 is not safe but didn\’t think  it was this bad 😀

Any way as any one I searched  the error message on google to find out It\’s a itunes and Intel raid drivers issue, so updated the raid drivers with Intel  matrix console etc and It\’s seems to fix the restarting issues, now only itunes crash if I try to download any thing in their. so I moved the itunes library to my network drive and all good now.

Phew It did got me worried tho