new vista pc and Itunes

Finally I build my new computer , Intel E6600 with ASUS  P5B mother board, Its came with the raid controller I was ok as I don\’t store data on my computer so might as well go for RAID 0. Every thing went well till I try to download podcast on Itunes computer restarted automatically and my RAID controller started reporting as  \”Error Ocurred (0)\” on both drives. I know raid 0 is not safe but didn\’t think  it was this bad 😀

Any way as any one I searched  the error message on google to find out It\’s a itunes and Intel raid drivers issue, so updated the raid drivers with Intel  matrix console etc and It\’s seems to fix the restarting issues, now only itunes crash if I try to download any thing in their. so I moved the itunes library to my network drive and all good now.

Phew It did got me worried tho

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  1. I suppose I’ll have to build a new PC for Vista one day …

    I’ve never played with the RAID on my main PC. I’ve just spent an arm and a leg on a RAID 5 NAS box (Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ – like Leo Laporte IIRC). 🙂

  2. u should have waited for windows home server to come on shops. Vista backup is actually good, it’s backed up my full computer with all programs setting etc on 2 dvds which is really good.

  3. Possibly, I’m having trouble with “delayed writes” on my terabyte FireWire external disk array. I can’t fix it (I’ve tried many things) so I’m changing my external storage to the Infrant NAS.

    By the way I’ve just been watching a computer TV programme over at the Internet Archive site that covers the launch of the IBM PS2 range (like the PC you bought recently) –

    It’s pretty interesting and includes the famous Gary Kildall and John Dvorak (the guy on TwiT and off Cranky Geeks). Dvorak, who often makes extreme comments, gives some fairly accurate comments about the PS2 range. Well worth watching … 🙂 🙂

  4. thanks bob, I seen the video on twit as well :D, I haven’t really played with my ps2 yet as I’m too busy with this one 😀

    I know FireWire never works well with pcs so what model Infrant NAS u got? I seen their web site all look very expensive.

  5. The FireWire worked O.K. with my laptop – not so good with my desktop. 🙁

    I ordered a ReadyNAS NV+ but it hasn’t arrived yet. Yes, it is expensive, but most options are and there isn’t a lot of choice at that price point. Alternatives are the Thecus N5200 (good performance but not so good firmware or support ) or maybe one day the Drobo which hasn’t launched in the UK yet.

  6. ReadyNAS NV+ is like £900, :O I wont spend that much 😀 my home movies not worth that much 😀

    drobo looks interesting but it’s only usb, wonder what type of raid it’s using guess it’s JBOD

  7. A 2 terabyte ReadyNAS comes in at about £700 flat – which is still expensive. NetGear recently bought Infrant so maybe they’ll start releasing cheaper hardware in the future.

    The Drobo uses something similar to RAID 5 I think. In the video demo on their site they hotswap disks and it rebuilds itself IIRC.


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