\"a06wa1.jpg\"I love my vista business so much I went and bought the ULTIMATE retail copy :D, I know I waste money like crazy, It\’s actually come in a nice case and both CD inc luded (64bit and 32bit). still need activation but allow to change computers, so not a bad deal

4 thoughts on “Vista ULTIMATE”

  1. I have an official Vista Business OEM disk, but haven’t used it yet. I’m actually running Vista Ultimate on my Intel iMac as dual boot.

    I think the most popular Ultimate version on the Internet is the Dell hack (that runs great by all accounts).

    What was the best price you found for the retail Ultimate version ? 🙂

  2. I’m running Vista business as well, but it’s an oem upgrade though, Bought Retail for £85 on ebay but the seller didn’t wont to go through, so bought another one for £185 It’s a US one, haven’t got it yet,

  3. eBay US is where I tend to look as well. With 300 million people in the US a bargain is bound to turn up sooner or later …

    I bought my Infrant NAS from Provantage in the US and saved around £100 (no customs charges, woohoo!!).


  4. yea I do that as well, they have every thing half price than us 🙁 see the apple prices, all most of all the electronic products they have it half price to us.

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