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come a cross this article through digg, interesting read, but I don\’t really think MS will do that though, but what they can do is make their windows 9x code open source It\’s dies down now. all though win 9x code base is a shitty OS they run well on low end systems with just 16mb. so if that code goes to some cleaver people they can do wonders. and create fun little embedded devices etc. I know Linux can run well on low end system, but not as well as windows 9x though and allready lot of apps written for 9x platform

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  1. I think Microsoft is basically the same company it was before the antitrust case i.e. greedy/evil. It’s just more careful nowadays. I can’t see it going open source with any version of Windows, though I agree that opening the Win 9x line wouldn’t harm it much.

  2. True, one thing they are doing now is talking to people a lot, with their channel 9 and blogs etc, it’s not a bad thing.

    May be MS might have some other ideas with 9x code, end of the day they are here to make money,

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