Blackberry 8800

Well I have to give my 8300 away even though I liked all the features it had with out GPS It\’s just another phone that does mail and found out I can use balckberry 8800 as modem to may mac laptop so I subscribe to their unlimited data & installed google map. Map that comes with blackberry don\’t work for some reason.

This my 1st blackberry so few hours I had hard time learning the dame thing ( I kept touching the screen ) now that I used it very nice to use, love it. I can get my gmail and work email (I still need to set it up on work BES server) but even with out that it works really well using webmail.

voice calling is really good as well, even if I\’m on a busy road i can still can have a conversation. where most of the windows mobile phone just never worked for me 🙁

All in all I\’m happy about getting this one.

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