Windows Vista SP1

Just installed the public release of vista sp1. installation went well  took abt 45 min, after that every thing seems bit snappier

they gone put it on windows update but here is the direct download link

4 thoughts on “Windows Vista SP1”

  1. I\’ve been running SP1 on Vista Ultimate x64 for a couple of weeks now. It solved the slow file copying bug, but now my machine doesn\’t shut down properly and I have to use the power switch on the back to turn it off. 🙁

  2. Really, check your power settings, I don’t normally shut it down (I put it to sleep). But today I shut it down and it done it pretty quickly lot quicker than before.

    I only use 32 bit vista I still need time to move to 64bit with 4 gig of ram 😉

  3. I\’ve checked all my power management settings and there doesn\’t seem to be anything strange. Otherwise everything works O.K. . It\’s not a huge problem so I guess I\’ll just have to wait for the update/hotfix … now SP1 is being distributed some other users are bound to report problems.

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