My new setup

This my plan , may be not best for home computer but gone give it a go,  Upgrade the  RAM  to 4 gig and set the hard drive on RAID 5 with 3X 500 gig drives and gone install windows 2008 with hyper-V as a base unit on that gone install xp, Vista,  server 2003 and 2008  gone set vista as main pc for me to use every day rest I start as  I need them. I donÂ’t know how good pc for gaming on hyper-V  I donÂ’t think it will be any good but will see

One thought on “My new setup”

  1. Not bad. I’m still waiting for my Vista solution ? come on din help me out.. I’m totally fedup with this.. anyway to downgrade vista ? Reply me when you find some time.. thanks.. btw got the phone lines sorted. Tiscali or virgin for broadband ?

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