5 thoughts on “Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Windows”

  1. >so I can transmit my big day online …

    What method are you going to use to transmit the video ? Stickam, Ustream, or something else ?

  2. I can’t really recommend a video streaming service since I’m not up to date. I used to get most of my info from TWIT and Leo Laporte but my broadband line is currently malfunctioning and I haven’t watched him for ages. 🙁

    1. what happen to ur BB ? get those USB dongle thingies should work 4 ya till u get ur BB back. Leo haven’t told any thing he moved to high end video distribution system

  3. >what happen to ur BB ?

    Long story … but it’s an intermittent fault on the line and I suspect (perhaps wrongly) it will be expensive to fix.

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