motorola moto g amazing phone for the price

I hate long mobile phone contacts. All of my phone I use now I just buy it outright or got it as a gift ,and go for the monthly contract with a network, which gives me power to negotiate with carrier. every time I see a good deal even with a rubbish network I phone up o2 and ask me to match it more or less they do.Which I can\’t do if I cant do if I\’m on 24 months contract. you are stuck forever.

I know phones are very expensive upfront but you can find a good deal if you search around don\’t buy the phones from phone companies or places like carphonwarehouse phones4u etc etc. they mark up the phone prices so they can lock you in on long contracts.

I would say go for phones like , or even some nokia windows phones are good if you dont want google to know where and what you up to.

2 thoughts on “motorola moto g amazing phone for the price”

  1. Maybe this heralds the beginning of the end for super expensive smartphones? I paid £200 for my Galaxy Note on eBay and would never pay £500 for an iPhone – or any phone.

  2. yea I guessing the same thing, issue with ebay/amazon are that lot of fakes. dangers batteries etc. having non contact phone is amazing power.

    super expensive phone will live on till people stop buying phones on contract

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