George Osborne and his speech for new year.

you can read that here I understand what he is saying and all true. but he is saying helping small businesses by reducing the tax but He is still allowing large companies to use legal tax avoidance schemes and pay very less or no corporate tax. Which means they have unfair advantage. I get it they employ more people etc. but if they pay their correct TAX their fee will go up and another small company can get more business and employ more people. I know it\’s not simple as that but unless we try it we wouldn\’t know.

I can easily register my self on another TAX free country and avoid tax and in years time I will have money saved up to hire even high caliber \”tax advisers\” in the city

Basic truth is George Osborne doesn\’t want to upset large companies as they might even donate to his party, it\’s easy to pick on the poor and disabled people.

papers like dailymail and express always write same degrading news about people on benefit. Cameron seems to be in bed with daily mail and express.