Kwik Fit West Ealing are scammers watch-out don\’t trust them. Check it with another garage

I had a puncture like many people I took to Kwik Fit West Ealing as they are close to me. 1st time they said they cant repair the tire as it had a side puncture but it wasn\’t but I was in a hurry so tell them to replace so costed me £220.

Next time I took the car few weeks later for another puncture they said the same thing but I can see where the nail is, so I said no it\’s not a side wall damage. then the guy changed the story saying they don\’t have the puncture patch. which is why he said got ideas to change the whole tire at another £220. He didn\’t offer come back later or we will get the puncture patch is few days etc. If you don\’t want to pay for the new tire he is not interested.

They did ask if my car is company car etc before even they seen the car.

I was chatting another guy who was their had his car on mobility scheme. he said they do change tire unnecessarily but he don\’t care now as his mobility scheme pays for it etc. I dont know how the scheme works but if they are scamming disable people\’s money that\’s way too low for this company.

I googled I think they were in trouble before even watchdog was on their case. shame I didn\’t seen that before. otherwise I would have avoided them. In my experience nothing changed. they still scamming people.

any way I took my car to the tire place next to it and repaired their for like £30+ VAT he said it\’s nothing wrong with the tire.