watch out for Barclays and few other banks overdraft charges

This is new scam the banks are caught on to instead of charging I don\’t know 20% APR or some thing similar. They started to do a daily charge of 0.75p a day if you go more than £15 on to agreed overdraft. what that means it will be the sameif just £25 overdrawn or £1499. this will encourage customer to go more in to overdraft and be slave to the bank.

Barclay and few other banks started to use crack dealer tactic.I\’m sure most that makes this kind decisions are on crack any way.

My advice is to move away from this banks their a lot of ethical banks out there check the link

NatWest rbs get caught giving doggy mortgage advice no surprise they have similar overdraft charges to Barclay\’s

I wouldn\’t trust any advice from Barclay\’s as well do your research look up which or some other trustable websites