Google Pixel XL review

I was always been a fan of Sony mobiles. They did a good job of making a good phone with enough power and releasing  new phones every 6 month so I can buy the older model for cheaper. I don\’t like buying 2nd handphone phones.

Any way this Christmas I was given a google pixel xl 128 GB one.  this is the most expensive phone I ever owned. I was given  google daydream view headset  (Virtual Reality) as well.

1st I\’ll write about the phone. in one word amazing. It\’s really fast. My old sony z3+ had a snapdragon 820 CPU, but google pixel felt really fast compare to my old phone. operating system on it  is amazing as well. It\’s only  had the base google apps and nothing else. GPS is amazing even is central London. it\’s picks up location very quickly.  mobile signal is pretty good as well. I can get good signal to places where I couldn\’t (with O2) with other phones.

Only downside I can think of is it\’s a big phone. I bought a Otterbox commuter case   which makes it even bigger. if you don\’t  have a case it\’s very slippery phone. google assistant wasn\’t all that, I think it\’s not smart enough for UK yet.

google daydream view is better than I expected. It will come in handy when you making those long flights.

So far I haven\’t found any issues, If I do I will update this blog post

update 10/01/2017

I really enjoy watching google daydream view. It\’s can be just a normal youtube move makes it look like you watching it on a massive screen. quality is bit off  compare to real cinema




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