Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 mini smart watch review

Most of the smartwatches now on the market are just another screen for your phone. It\’s not a bad thing, but to me, I need a watch as a watch 1st,  I\’m a big fan of their pro-Trek line. I still have  2 Casio so call ABC watch one of them (Casio PRG-80L) since 2008,  it\’s solar. I didn\’t even have to change the battery.  The only thing I need to do is change the strap. send it to Casio UK they send it back with a new strap for very little money. 

Why I like this smart watch for starters it\’s not another screen for my phone it\’s working as a standalone product. Battery life is great I charge the watch every day but I always end the day with 50% left.  another thing I like about this watch is that it doesn\’t rely on Casio services for the phone to work. It has it\’s own ABC functionality along with mic and GPS.


It\’s a great watch I wouldn\’t recommend to everyone. It doesn\’t have the features that other smart watches have like sending kisses and heart beats etc. as they don\’t run any backend services, you don\’t get pretty graphs on the online and see how you doing etc, you can export the data from the watch and do it yourself but no online services come from Casio. If it becomes popular someone else develops app for it. It\’s an android wear 2 phone with Casio skin and apps,  It doesn\’t have a heartbeat sensor. another annoying thing is the charging cable it\’s a special magnetic cable.  It\’st not massive issue, if you email Casio UK they will send you a new cable is 3 weeks. It\’s not expensive at all but still would have been good if they just used USB- c cable.

Overall it\’s a good reliable watch even on power saving mode it will show you data and time as they use dual layer screen. so another smartwatch thing is you have to move your wrist to see the time but on this one, you can see it all the time. I have attached the screen graph of how it looks all the time.