My experience with Vauxhall Motors company, Vauxhall dealer call Now Vauxhall and the car Antara

So where do I start in 2012 I was slightly young and a bit of an idiot.  Saw the advert 0% interest on all Vauxhall with 5 year free services (apparently that is only 4  free services Vauxhall maths )  100k  warranty etc.  It sounded a good deal so went to the dealer now Vauxhall Richmond and bought the biggest car they sell and add the Sat nav option for £1000 as well.  I got the car 1st-day car is terrible in the sense air bag cover at the A pillars not covered properly windscreen alarm was hanging around not stuck properly.  Sat Nav was an aftermarket part installed by the dealer that is fine If I been told that, no they let me believe it was a factory fitted kit.  it was so bad I couldn\’t change the time on the car. The dealer has poorly installed it.  none of the radio didn\’t work.  I have to take the car back the next week to the dealer to get this issues fixed. even then It wasn\’t resolved correctly. I just gave up and live with it. every time I take it there. they will keep the car for a day and don\’t do much and gave it back. I think the system they install is not very good o dealers don\’t know how to install correctly.

fast forward 6000 miles every week I check oil etc but don\’t check inner tires but for some reason, I did check on that day and found out it was almost worn out completely outer tires were fine.  clearly, the issue with the car took it to now Vauxhall dealer they were like it was a wheel balancing issue even though I didn\’t install both front tires. It was done by Vauxhall. Dealer wanted to charge me as it was Wear and tear. but my argument was it wasn\’t it was poorly installed tire by Vauxhall.  they were like I might have hit the herb that would have made it this way. high;y unlikely both side of the tire was worn in the same way. so I spoke to Vauxhall the company manufacture this car. all they did was spoke to the dear and the said the same thing.  I just paid it and gave up on it

fast forwarded few thousand miles with few minor issues like driver seat started shake etc then handbrake stop working on a hill it will roll back, hand brake light will come on but the car will go back took it to the dealer. They charged £160 to fix the issue as apparently, that was a  wear and tear as well. I knew this was a scam but allowed it. how I come to know is the same issue gave it to another dealer but put the car to MOT didn\’t say anything about this issue. Guess what they fixed it without a fee. exact same issue.  every time I services. nail on the tire scam happened as well. there is no way nail would have been on the tire. as I check air pressure even before I dropped it off, I ended up buying a spare wheel to stop this scam. only the nail get into the expensive tires on the car. Obviously, I can\’t prove as I didn\’t film the tires.

seafty recall apparently issues with some pipe gave the car fixed and they didn\’t record that so they called again for the same issue. another issue with engine cover they took that off and left the car without engine cover for entire winter will all the salt etc it\’s days are numbered

at this point I gave up on the car, company, and dealer and got rid of the car now went with a  good quality car. I would say no to  GM  and any Vauxhall cars.  If you are thinking to buy a Vauxhall,  think twice. you are better off buying a slightly older Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Mazda etc for the same money you get a better car. Vauxhall and GM cars are cheaper for a reason. People like me parking it in some dealers forecourts and running away. It\’s truly a terrible cars. Safety is not Vauxhall priority see how they dealt with ZAFIRA B Fire issue.  I can\’t image anything changed now.  If someone gave me a free Vauxhall car I will not take it.  I know Vauxhall now owned by Peugeot but can\’t think any thing going to change it. they will be still managed by same people and same dealer network.