Brompton M6L 2020 Electric

I have a canyon bicycle, review coming later for that. Brompton is my other half\’s bicycle, but I gave it a spin as I wasn\’t keen on the idea of electric bikes, but I tell you why I like this electric Brompton.

You can use it as a regular folding bike. The motor on the front doesn\’t impact on the riding not heavy at all. The battery is about 2.3 kgs even with that I didn\’t notice any difference.

There a lot of Chinese made foldable e-bikes on the market some UK companies like MiRider rebrand it changes a few parts and change something on firmware and selling them as the UK made. It is still a mass-produced and builds to a cost I can\’t expect them to last more than a few years if that. Also, I don\’t think you can use them as a standard bicycle without electric assistance.

I usually don\’t care about where they made. I need something that will last longer and gives me less trouble. Brompton fit the bill correctly. All the parts are less complicated to fix when it goes wrong. Can\’t say the same about my canyon bike :D.

Electric assistance when I put it on to level 1 it just gave that general push like the wind is behind you feeling I liked this level. I didn\’t like that level 2, and 3 maybe I\’m in a rush and need to go somewhere without getting tired I would use it, Level 1 is my ideal assistance level.

Overall on my usage, it was excellent and easy to live with and charge. No gimmick features like an app or big LCD screen on the middle etc. just a bike with all you need.

The only downside, I can think of it is a price, but If I use it every day to work, I will make that money back in a year. This bike is built like a tank. I can see a lasting number of years.

We bought the bike from Evans Cycles. Surprisingly excellent service too. We were not expecting that. Overall I can recommend this bike. You will be happy with it.

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