Spam bots

Spam bots don’t give up do they. They should have known by now doesn’t matter how much they try their post is not going to appear on my page. Looks like that won’t stop them from trying.
I’m just going through and closing the comment in my old post. I have to learn on how this bots works so I can fool them even more.

Windows Live writer

I love WordPress but It\’s always been really slow to publish some thing. I found a new way now windows live writer. It works really well with wp it\’s even download the style sheets so even  before I publish I  know how it\’s gone look. Writing this post on that.

Setting up is really easy, all it need is a weblog\’s webaddress user name and password it will do the rest I give 9/10. I don\’t write a lot but will help people who write lot of pages