HP ProLiant Turion II N40L MicroServer Review

I was surprised how good it is only £139.99 after cashback. Installed  home server 2011 using the USB key which was pain free took a while to install though. that might be to do with windows server software. very quite. I like the build quality. Drives are hot swappable and their is an internal usb port you can run the OS from a 64 GB usb key and use the drives bay for the storage. I didn\’t do it that was but if you after some fast boot time you can. All screws and even the screw driver is came with a server. Only thing I cant find is the SATA cable for CD rom but using usb disk to install is pain free.

This server has very low power consumption as well thanks to AMD low power processor only 15watt . If any one with under 10 user then this server is highly recommended. it does the mac back up as well as all windows computer from xp.