We\’ll I\’m off sick today I some how manage to get a flue so you know the deal fever vomiting dry cough etc etc, and worst of it all I’m bored to death noting exciting on daytime TV.

So I decided to play with stardock-windowblinds on my virtual  xp \"20080218-235410.jpg\"

It’s a part of stardock object desktop or some thing any way you can buy it alone as well. I not big fan of this things as generally this things slow a computer down etc. to my surprise this worked really well I only had 256mb set to the virtual xp still I didn’t notice any noticeable performance hit and comes off very easy . I like it so much I bought it :$ even though I’m not gone use it on my main machine 😀

\"20080219-001516.jpg\"you can download 1000s of themes from the website everything from windows 3.11 to OS/2 themes etc since I’m a harry potter fan just got this theme. so yea my day went playing with this tomorrow I have to find some thing else to do tomorrow 🙁