Visited Vintage Computer Festival 2010 @ Bletchley Park

It was a fun day out, bigger event than I thought visited the computer museum and all other exhibitions at Bletchley Park. had all the retro consoles where you can play it hands on it was fun.

Fun to see all the consoles and computers you read about them in real

UK\’s Vintage Computer Festival 19-20 June

here is what I got from their news letter
With only a few weeks to go to Britain’s first Vintage Computer Festival, things are going well and large numbers are expected. You can get free entry with TNMOC membership – otherwise advance tickets are available online now through the Bletchley Park website
The OMD concert sold out within a few hours – apologies to all those who couldn’t get tickets (but they have an upcoming tour this summer we hear). The OMD publicity also helped widen the appeal of the VCF beyond the geek community and many are now seeing it as a great family day out.
Tickets will soon be available for another musical VCF event: Matthew Applegate / Pixelh8 will be appearing both days with a re-showing of Obsolete?, his work featuring TNMOC machines, on the Saturday.
The latest addition to the line-up is David Ahl, author of the first million-selling computer book. Other main speakers include Sophie Wilson of BBC B and Acorn fame, journalist and broadcaster Christine Finn, ZX Spectrum expert Chris Smith and Karl Pantling-James of the Retro Computer Museum. Not forgetting TNMOC’s very own Tony Sale (Colossus) and Tony Frazer (Harwell/WITCH computer).
VCF updates: