time to get a new phone

Can\’t make my mind up blackberry 8700g or Nokia E61

well lot of phone companies do E61,   blackberry only T-mobile have them. but I already have XDA but It\’s crash a lot . so I don’t know I wane go with another smart phone. Hmm then again this phone are not windows mobile 5.0

2 thoughts on “time to get a new phone”

  1. Whats up man….

    Personally, if it were a blackberry, I like the 7100 series better. But overall, Nokia makes great devices, but never used their PDA. Have you considered the Motorola Q. I’m usually not a motorola fan, but I’ve had the Razr for awhile, and as much as I hate to admit it, the Razr is a solid phone.

  2. I couldn’t find Motorola Q any where here. Look lot like blackberry 8700g. is that blackberry 7100 windows mobile 5.0 one is it? I kind a already have XDA with windows mobile 5.0 which is crashes a lot. Which is y I’m looking for a smart phone which works 😀

    I think I mostly going with Nokia N80

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