Vista is out

well Vista is out, I don’t know I thinking to buy a new pc or just upgrade my old one. My is bit old now,  as it’s p4 2.8 and with a gig of ram,  It’s fast enough 4 me. And will run vista ok, but buying a vista pc with core 2 duo looks interesting will see I haven’t made my mind on it yet

Never get advice from journey planner if ur travelling out side London

Well I went to a address in Horsham so i put the postcode in 2 the journey planner. It gave me a plan how to get their. I flowed every word on the print out,  guess what I ended up in a station which is the right one,  but I end up have to walk a mile through muddy road :(  no taxi or a bus if I used my brain and asked some one I would have known that :).

O well lesson learned,  if ur traveling out side london dont use  journey planner

apple iphone and macworld.

what a waste of time, no new ipods no new macs, only a smart phone, which does all the thing my o2 xda do with opera browser(full internet etc) . I\’m a big apple fan boy even me disappointed 🙁

apple TV looks good but it\’s no good for us, as UK itunes still don\’t sell movies and TV shows. even if they do they will be rip of prices. i don\’t know why apple choose to charge a lot for a UK customers :(.