Time for new pc ?

I don’t know,  I need a new pc to play games 🙁 all the games I want to play need a high end system. I really don’t want to move it to new system. I just work out how much it will cost me nearly £1500 hmm I don’t want to spend that much on a computer,


I think It\’s better  I should get a Xbox 360 and HD TV 🙂  speaking of HD TVs I seen a  37” 1080i TV for ~£400 I think it’s a good deal  

2 thoughts on “Time for new pc ?”

  1. no more computer games for u dinesh!! no no no more!! u will end up being super geek 🙂 hows new scientist and sci pod 😀 :). take care xxx

  2. lol it’s too late 4 that now :D,

    any way my room got so many LEDs blinking like 1980 sci-fi movies. Some of my relatives started to bring their kids to my room to stop their babies crying 😀 kids love my gadgets leds and my robo. Did u know I got a robosapien as well.

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