MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

I just come a cross this today. It\’s kind a cool technology basically what it will do eliminate creating IPsec tunnels among sites (with that kind a eliminating overheads using ipsecs ) It’s kind a creating private tunnel among sites and what cool about is it’s totally secure and can connect internet to the MPLS and all sites can share it

here is the link for more info



what a rip off

Ok so I was reading few blackberry reviews and come a cross blackberry 8800 have GPS so phoned up to find out about getting one. what to you know phone is like £69.99 with £35/month contract that\’s fine but you have to pay £40/year for the GPS and £1 for every MB map I download. what a rip off.

I\’m staying with 8300 atleast it\’s got a nice screen and very light.