HP proliant ml370 g5

I have bought my self a ML370, with 8 gig of ram, It have 2 network card + ILO port sweet machine. what my plane is to put a base win2k3 on it and VMware server then put all the windows 2008 + exchange 2007 why not even few linux severs and gone have a virtual data center in it. It\’s for the home so cpu cycles it\’s important but it\’s got dual xeon any way.

2 thoughts on “HP proliant ml370 g5”

  1. So you’re going to be running 64-bit Windows to take advantage of all that RAM ? I’d quite like to run 64-bit Windows on my Opteron system but worry about getting 64-bit drivers.

    I nearly started building a new machine – dual quad core Xeon (8 cores total) using a Supermicro board but decided to wait a while instead.

  2. yep I’m gone run pretty basic windows 2003 server 64 bit as a base for VM ware I dont have to worry about drivers the server comes with CD thats got drivers for all well known oses

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