Microsoft Exchange 2007

I kind a evaluating exchange 2007, I love the fact that It\’s based on roles, specially now days  blade servers are \”cheap\”.  It\’s no use for a small businesses but large and medium size business can benefit. one thing I love  it\’s Edge Transport Server Role where u can have this server on DMZ and if it\’s compromise then it wont affect any thing on your ad network and this server don\’t even have to be on the ad domain.

Many new features I can type the whole day. other one I like is using powershell to manage it. GUI are great but It\’s very hard to remember where u clicked last time. CLI if u write it down some where and u know it will work every time. MMC is improved as well where easy to get to mailbox etc much improved than 2003.  they taken the public folder off (well they didn\’t but discourage from using it) which gone put lot of companies off from upgrading.

Backup feature is great too normally most exchange trouble is comes from  database getting corrupt it\’s pain to restore. and still some email will get lost etc, Now with exchange 2007 you can have a Local continuous replication (LCR) or cluster continuous replication (CCR) to store the database on another local drive or another server which is great if one go bad u still have another one to point to so technically 0 downtime.

All in all I\’m very impressed but don\’t think business will go up and upgrade but good for new start ups or even business that moving away from their current mail platforms

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