Terminal Services RemoteApp on Windows Server 2008

Wow,  what a feature , basically It will allow application to run on the server with out users knowing they are running it from the server. As far as they concern It\’s look and feel like their local app but it doesn\’t use any local resources,  it\’s actually terminal session under the hood.  I played with office 2003 (need a volume license )under server 2008 works really well with vista I haven\’t tried with xp but I been told it will work with xp sp 3 (haven\’t tried)

Application of this technology are  limitless  say a large/medium  organizations  can manage few of  this servers and users can use any old pc and  works faster, all data are  safe no need to running around upgreading ram on users pcs and see why it\’s running slow etc, if face users don\’t even need a pc they can be managed with thin clients.


We\’ll I\’m off sick today I some how manage to get a flue so you know the deal fever vomiting dry cough etc etc, and worst of it all I’m bored to death noting exciting on daytime TV.

So I decided to play with stardock-windowblinds on my virtual  xp \"20080218-235410.jpg\"

It’s a part of stardock object desktop or some thing any way you can buy it alone as well. I not big fan of this things as generally this things slow a computer down etc. to my surprise this worked really well I only had 256mb set to the virtual xp still I didn’t notice any noticeable performance hit and comes off very easy . I like it so much I bought it :$ even though I’m not gone use it on my main machine 😀

\"20080219-001516.jpg\"you can download 1000s of themes from the wincustomize.com website everything from windows 3.11 to OS/2 themes etc since I’m a harry potter fan just got this theme. so yea my day went playing with this tomorrow I have to find some thing else to do tomorrow 🙁

Learning to type fast

while I\’m leaning to touch type,  I searched some typing videos. Come a cross this  1940s navy video about learning to type. They are not easy as i thought (operating a typewriter) their are few rules you have to fellow or your typing will look ugly on the paper etc I put up the video,  when I manage to upload it to youtube