I\’m now started using OpenDNS, I not big fan of using some open DNS server but open dns have some cool features I already have a account with them so i can just look it up how many sites I\’m visiting, i even set a shortcuts as I can set when I type d on the browser to go to etc I know you can do all this with a host file but this a cooler way to do it. besides I know longer trust my isp with my DNS requests

BT, Virgin Media, and Carphone Warehouse users change your isp now

All 3 isps  gone sell your browsing information to a spyware company call Phorm where they will put targeted ads on their participating web sites.

Here is register link that\’s explaining this bit more. I\’m with  Virgin Media and moving away soon as I can.  If you with any of this isps please move and tell them why your doing that too, Even Sir Tim Berners-Lee didn\’t like the idea

More info about this

Cycling to work

\"st Next week I\’m gone use my bike to go 2 work I don\’t know how long it will take me to ride 7miles but shouldn\’t take more than hour, I should loose weight and good for the environment.

Riding bike inside central London is fun u get to see all the historic buildings in details.

Sync your Google Calendar with your Microsoft Outlook calendar

I already use this with my blackberry which is automatically sync Google calendar with my phone and it works both ways so great, but now even better way Google just released another tool that will sync with Outlook.


I use it with Outlook 2007 and what ever changes I make on any of this will reflect in all my calendar which is kind a cool.